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About The Artist
Art has been an integral part of my life for as long as I can remember. As a very young child I remember sketching faces from the magazines in my Dadís hairdressing salon. Since leaving Art College I have tried to divide my time between being a freelance artist, painting my own work and working as an art teacher. As a freelance artist I have undertaken numerous mural commissions over the years in restaurants, swimming pools, health clubs, private homes, massage parlors and Buddhist centers, as well as many painting and portrait commissions for private clients, often working from art studios around the East End of London. Iíve exhibited in many galleries throughout London, Essex and even in St Petersburg. Jason Rose - The Artist
My aim is to marry my technical and observational skills with raw spontaneity and emotion and the balance between the two varies from painting to painting. To free myself up and get into the mood I always paint to music with a glass of wine at hand. The inspiration for my paintings is always rooted in my life, whether they are inspired from photos I have taken of friends, family and special places I have visited; from dreams or visions I have had or from my interests in areas such as spirituality, environmentalism and quantum mechanics. My paintings always have symbolism, sometimes very simple like someone eating an apple or looking out of a window, sometimes more surreal.
But beyond symbolism I feel that true expression lies in the power of the paint itself: the feeling, passion and force with which it is applied; the intensity and evocative qualities of the colours; getting swept away in the painting process. Only by abandoning a certain amount of control to chaos does a painting really come alive.....