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The characteristics that define a persons likeness are often very ambiguous: a certain mannerism, smile or frown; a certain dimple in the right place; the way they hold themselves; their own unique skin, hair and eye tones. You donít always know what it is but you know when youíve got it.
Portrait - Spiderman Trunks
Spiderman Trunks
Portrait - Big Bite
Big Bite
Portrait - Falling Petals
Falling Petals
Portrait - The Very Beginning Of Spring
The Very Beginning Of Spring
Portrait - Alison And The Open Window
Alison And The Open Window
Portrait - Decoherance 1
Decoherance 1
Itís also about capturing something of their personality, energy and vibrancy. Something of their quirkiness. And also (if itís someone that I know) how I feel about them. I like to capture beauty, yet not a romanticized or cosmetic beauty, more a natural, unpretentious down to earth one. Yet often with a certain darkness and melancholy Ė hints of fathomless unseen depths. I also like to add a certain amount of symbolism to a portrait Ė something that adds an extra dimension to a personís character and story.
Portrait - Alex, At Least Try To Smile
Alex, At Least Try To Smile
Portrait - Sue Deep In Thought
Sue Deep In Thought
Portrait - Clare
Portrait - Decoherance 2
Decoherance 2
Portrait - Susan and Lawrence
Susan and Lawrence
Portrait - Alison At Moonfleet
Alison At Moonfleet
Portrait - Laughing Boy
Laughing Boy
Portrait - Wedding Commission
Wedding Commission
Portrait - Papa Nat
Papa Nat
Portrait - Neo
Portrait - Davida